Sustainable delivery:

Let's have the best practices in sustainable urban delivery recognized!

What are we talking about?

Urban deliveries : what are they?

Urban deliveries, also known as "last mile", group together the deliveries (or expeditions) of finished products to individuals or companies in urban areas.

It is :




food delivery

It is not:

raw materials


construction materials

unfinished products

What about sustainable urban deliveries?

A sustainably labeled delivery is a delivery that respects the following criteria:



- Reliable : tracking et customer service
- Optimization of resources : a fleet that includes more and more small vehicles (vans, bycicles, low-speed vehicles, etc)



- At least 90% of deliveries in the certified zone are made by zero emissions vehicles
- Sharing good practices for noise reduction and waste reduction



- Accessible: the sustainable offer is gradually increasing
- Responsible: delivery drivers are mainly employees or members of a cooperative
- Road safety: training of drivers and riders


Continuous improvement

- A commitment by the company to reduce its carbon footprint globally and over the long term
- Continuous improvement of the label


A lever to increase
sustainable urban deliveries.

A label is used to establish the quality and the particularities of a product or service. The use of the label comes with a set detailed requirements that must be followed, as well as a mechanism of control that is put in place in order to check the reality of those claims by the delivery companies. It's used to:


Promote and recognize


And why not.. regulate?

The certified companies :

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